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    1. We have developed this automatic folding and sewing machine to pair with match winding machines and fabric slitting machines. The sewing machine was designed for high efficiency and high quality output. These units can automatically fold, sew and trim a wide variety of fabrics including foams, leather, paper and many others.
    1. Fabric Winding Machine (Automatic Edge Alignment), CJ-170BDThe CJ-170BD fabric winding machine with automatic edge alignment is widely used in the round packing of cloth, non-woven fabrics, cotton and many other materials. The textile roller allows for vertical stripe rolls or 45 degree twilling.
    1. Fabric Winding Machine, CJ-170BThe CJ-170B fabric winding machine is primarily used to roll various cloth, fabrics, leather, paper and other materials for packing purposes. The textile roller enables rolls into vertical stripes or with 45 degree twilling. Textile equipment such as this greatly increases efficiency and storage capacity with its finished rolls.
    1. Automatic Roll Slitting Machine (Double CNC)This automatic roll slitting machine features double CNC control for automated cutting on fabrics, plastic, paper and other materials. IT is designed for 45 degree oblique cuts. You will find textile equipment such as this in the production of apparel, bags, shoes and accessories.
    1. Automatic Roll Slitting MachineThe automatic roll slitting machine is a versatile textile slitter that can handle a wide variety of materials including cloth, adhesive bonded fabrics, sponge foam, leather, plastic and whole range of others. Textile processing equipment like this is perfect for the production of clothing, footwear, accessories and any number of other industrial applications.
    1. Semi-Automatic Roll Slitting MachineThe semi-automatic roll slitting machine is designed for the cutting of straight straps and 45 degree diagonal cloth cutting. Our textile equipment is suitable for a wide variety of materials including cloth, waterproof fabric, paper and plastic. These fabric cutters are found in the production of clothing, shoes, accessories and a number of other industrial applications.
    1. Manual Roll Slitting MachineThe manual roll slitting machine is suitable for straight cutting and 45 degree diagonal cloth cutting for a wide range of textile materials. The manual control allows the operator to achieve the cuts at their own speed.
    1. Automatic Adhesive Tape Roll Slitting MachineThe automatic adhesive tape roll slitting machine is suitable for cutting textured paper, craft paper, cloth tape and other materials that require high-precision cutting equipment for various specifications.
    1. Our automatic pneumatic slitting machines are applied to various plastic films, non-woven fabrics, leather, PVC, EVA and other materials for various textile handling operations.
    1. The hot melt film laminating machine is designed to heat and melt various plastic films for processing along with textiles and other materials. It is intended to replace glue lamination in some operations. The lamination machine produces products with no signs of discoloration and fit effects that are stronger than glue, offering great adaptability and stability.
    1. This series of hot air oven comes complete with a low noise, high temperature axial fan and high precision automatic temperature control system. The heating system is completely sealed and prevents wasted heat through radiation. The thermal efficiency of the oven is up to 70%. The drying equipment is suitable for a variety of drying or heating applications.
    1. Cold and Hot Press Molding MachineThe cold and hot press molding machine is suitable for various EVA products, soles and shoe pads among other items produced from a variety of foams and rubbers.
    1. Hot Press Moulding MachineThis press molder is suitable for use on PU leather, cowhide, pigskin, foam, and shoes for molding or hot embossing. You will find hot press molding machines in the production in a whole variety of shoes and accessories.
    1. The water evaporator features a built in replenishment system, eliminating the need for the operator to install an expansion tank. It also allows for easy installation and maintenance.
    1. Swing Arm Cutting PressThe swing arm cutting press was designed for the high speed and efficient cutting of plastic, leather, sponge foam, nylon, paper and other materials. These cutting machines are used in a variety of textile applications for leather, clothing, shoe and even toy production.
    1. Hydraulic Beam Cutting PressThe hydraulic beam cutting press is primarily used for leather processing operations in the production of garments, footwear, accessories and toys. It is also used for automotive, rubber, plastic and cardboard processing applications.
    1. The double station transfer printing machine is designed to transfer sublimation, pigment type ink marks, color designs and writing using a thermal transfer stamping system. This is printing equipment is used in the production of shoes, bags, and other branded products.
    1. Template Size: 280 mm x 380 mm (can be ordered in different sizes)
      Voltage: 380V
      Maximum pressure combined stroke: 100 mm (can be ordered in different sizes)
    1. Universal Cutter GrinderThe universal cutter grinder is designed for a variety of grinding and cutting applications including both horizontal and vertical cutting angles. Grinding is fast blades are equipped with auxiliary devices for maximum efficiency.
    1. Automatic Collarette Cutting MachineThe automatic collarette cutting machine is designed to stretch fabric and then cut to form tubular fabric pieces. They are used for a variety of garment processing, knitting, and other clothing applications.
    1. Automatic Paper Tube Cutting MachineThe automatic paper tube cutting machine is designed and used along with splitters and slitters to process various circular paper pipe products.
    1. Automatic Precision Cross Cutting MachineThe automatic precision cross cutting machine is designed to cut non-woven fabric for various textile processing applications. The cutting machine features a high degree of automation for high efficiency and minimal waste output.
    1. Tubular Knit SlitterThe automatic precision cross cutting machine is designed to cut non-woven fabric for various textile processing applications. The cutting machine features a high degree of automation for high efficiency and minimal waste output.
    1. Automatic Perforating MachineThe automatic perforating machine is designed to be suitable for non-woven fabrics for the production of clothing and a variety of other textile products.
    1. Fabric Measuring MachineThe fabric measuring machine is suitable for measuring a whole variety of different fabrics. It uses a large rubber drum that prevents slipping.
    1. Hot Melt Roll CoaterThe hot melt roll coater has a safety design to prevent workers from accidentally coming in contact with the high temperature materials.
    1. Fabric Strap Making MachineThe strap folding machine is suitable for the production of shoes, hats, bags, clothing, leather products and a variety of other goods. The strap edge folder can be configured with various molds for different applications.
    1. Automatic Tape Rolling MachineThe automatic tape rolling machine is designed to produce the waist part of various types of pants. Motor: 0.75KW. Voltage 220V