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Low Temperature Chiller

 Low Temperature Chiller

1. The low temperature chiller uses a high quality compressor as an industrial cooling system.
2. The water evaporator features a built in replenishment system, eliminating the need for the operator to install an expansion tank. It also allows for easy installation and maintenance.
3. Water-cooled condenser system uses a threaded brass structure with strong cooling function.
4. Industrial chiller unit configuration: Configuration monolithic control system, built-in compressor filter drier and expansion valve.

Cooling Tower Features:
1. Cooling sheets use a curved twill, effectively extending the circulation of water in contact with the cooling air and heat exchanger in the tower.
2. Cooling tower shell is made of high-strength glass and quality steel, resistant to natural factors and chemical erosion.
Motor: Fully enclosed waterproof motor
Standard transparent polyethylene (PVC) maximum temperature 54 ℃; Recycled polyethylene (PVC) maximum temperature 65 ℃

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