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Hot Press Moulding Machine

This press molder is suitable for use on PU leather, cowhide, pigskin, foam, and shoes for molding or hot embossing. You will find hot press molding machines in the production in a whole variety of shoes and accessories.

  • CJ-816R-6 Hot press molding machine with 6 stations
  • CJ-816R Hot press molding machine with 4 stations

Technical parameters:
Pressure: 16 ton template
Size: 260 mm x 360 mm (can be ordered in different sizes)
Voltage: 380V
Maximum pressure combined stroke: 150 mm (can be ordered in different sizes)
Motor Power: 2.2 kilowatts
Heating plate power: 1.5 kilowatts x 12 block / 8 block
Weight: 6 stations 1.8 tons, 4 stations 1.2 tons
Dimensions: 6 stations 2.9m x 0.7 x 2m
4 stations 2m x 0.7 x 2m

  • Temperature controller
  • Safety protection device
  • Safety protection device

1. The molding equipment is a gantry-type design for high pressure applications.
2. High quality hydraulic components.
3. Equipped with an oil cooler system, to prevent high oil temperature, protecting hydraulic components to achieve maximum service life.
4. Each job is performed by an independently controlled hydraulic system, equipped with automatic time controller and counters.
5. 2-way cooling cycle for fast and even cooling.
6. The optional micro-computer control unit effectively improves the yield and quality, effectively minimizing failure and defect rates.
7. Optional safety light curtains.
8. Centralized electrical control box for quick and easy maintenance.

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