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Hot Melt Film Laminating Machine

 Hot Melt Film Laminating Machine

The hot melt film laminating machine is designed to heat and melt various plastic films for processing along with textiles and other materials. It is intended to replace glue lamination in some operations. The lamination machine produces products with no signs of discoloration and fit effects that are stronger than glue, offering great adaptability and stability.

Activities insole production process:
EVA and fabric melt composite
Cutting into the box oven
Hot press
Molding heating
Cutting cold
Forming machine forming
Transfer trademark
Product packaging pattern

Technical parameters:
Width: 1.8 m
Power supply voltage: 380V fit the thickest material: 50 mm
Fit the fastest speed: 600 m / hour (depending on different materials may be)
Heating power: 2KW x 6 couple
Fit Power: 2.2KW
Hot Hair Power: 370W
Dimensions: 3.5M × 2.3M × 1.9M

1. Large 180 mm diameter cylinder with water cooling device, to prevent material from sticking to the drum.
2. Freely adjustable roller height for sheets with a thickness up to 50 mm.
3. Tension device, can control the EVA sheet tension so that leveled sheet does not wrinkle.
4. Stainless steel expander roller to prevent curling or wrinkles in fabric or film sheets.
5. Frequency conversion stepless speed control.
6. Even heating with precise temperature control setting.
7. The laminator can automatically measure the length of the composite material.

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