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Multi-Blade Slitting Machine

 Multi-Blade Slitting Machine

Our automatic pneumatic slitting machines are applied to various plastic films, non-woven fabrics, leather, PVC, EVA and other materials for various textile handling operations.

Technical parameters:
Cloth width: 1.7 m (1.35m, 2.05m, 2.4m optional)
Axle diameter: 75 mm (customizable)
Fastest silting speed: 200m/min
Slitting diameter: 300 mm, Customized more 800mm
Minimum slitting width: 10mm
Slitting stock thickness: 0.1-8mm
Slitting motor power: 1.5kw
Voltage: 380V/220V for choice
Boundary dimension: 2.2m×1.2m ×1.2m

1. This textile slitting machine adopts magnetic powder brakes to control the transport, drag, air knife slitting, separation and reunion of magnetic powder, which ensures uniformity during operation.
2. Axle adopts inflatable axle to clamp and locate the workpiece.
3. Adjustable cutting knife.
4. Smooth operation thanks to the high quality rollers.
5. Waste collection system.
6. Unwinding system can be matched with an automatic skew detection dump valve.

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