Laminating / Fusing Machine

 Laminating / Fusing Machine

The laminating/fusing machine is used in the production of various types of clothing and accessories.

Technical Parameters:
Working Width: 500 mm
Maximum pressure: 2 kg / cm 2
Motor Power: 0.4 kw
Pumping / bonding speed: 0-15 m / min
Electric power: 6 kw
Temperature range: 0-300
Voltage: 220V
Dimensions: 2.5 m x 0.95 m x 1.05 m

  • Feeding roller
  • Discharge
  • Control Panel

1. The laminator uses an intelligent temperature control unit.
3. Mini-bonding machine with a special pressure-assisted device to ensure maximum pressure intensity to 2 kg / cm 2.
4. With open side type: Suitable for larger pieces, with long sleeves and other pieces. And the small size is easy to carry.

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