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Automatic Collarette Cutting Machine

 Automatic Collarette Cutting Machine

The automatic collarette cutting machine is designed to stretch fabric and then cut to form tubular fabric pieces. They are used for a variety of garment processing, knitting, and other clothing applications.

Technical Parameters:
The diameter of the tubular fabric: 0.3m-2.5m
Voltage: 220V
The width of the cutting fabric: 15-130rr>m (Non-step)
The speed of cutting: 25000mm/min (The minimum diameter of fabric)
Putting cloth motor Power: 120W
Cross-section Motor Power: 40W
Dimensions: 0.9m x0.8m x 1.75m

1. Stepless motor for efficient operation.
2. Variable transmission, which is excellent for fabrics of different elasticities.
3. Equipped with adjustable support large cloth cage with different tube diameters of the billet, the maximum tube diameter is up to 2.5 meters.
4. Can be equipped with 2-5 knives for precise cloth cutting.
5. Easy to operate with LCD control display.
6. Wheel base for easy transportation.

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