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Automatic Folding and Sewing Machine

 Automatic Folding and Sewing Machine

We have developed this automatic folding and sewing machine to pair with match winding machines and fabric slitting machines. The sewing machine was designed for high efficiency and high quality output. These units can automatically fold, sew and trim a wide variety of fabrics including foams, leather, paper and many others.

Technical parameters:
Fabric width: 1.7 m (2.05 m, 2.4 m, 2.6 m, 2.8 m are all optional)
Voltage: 220/380 optional
Motor power: 1.5KW
Sewing speed: 0-480 m/ h
Electric heating power: 0.2KW
Heating temperature: 0-300°C
Dimensions: Folding frame: 1.85 m×0.85 m×1.45m
Fabric pulling machine: 1.65 m×1.25 m×1.35 m

  • Control panel
  • Sewing machine head
  • Edge trimming of the sewing machine
  • Edge aligning device
  • Fabric measuring machine

1. Optional heads: high-speed side of the cutter sewing machine, five-thread sewing machine, ultrasonic sewing machine
2. Wood frame designed to discharge below the fold frame, saving floor space but also storing bulk fabric. Expansion rate with a side feature, you can expand the width and the fabric edges by folding fabric neatly. (This also reduces wrinkles)
3. A smart thermostat accurately controls the temperature. And is equipped with meters, can measure the length.
4. Variable frequency motor drive allows the machine to meet the requirements of different fabrics and the synchronization of high speed sewing cloth up to 480 meters per hour.
5. Automatic stop device in case of fabric breakage.
6. Fixed width of iron, to ensure that the entire roll width of the fabric is folded along the stitched line.
7. Automatic feeding device.

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